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Acquisition finance/Mergers and Acquisitions Project Finances Financial products
Structuring the financing of cross-border mergersacquisition (asset and equity) ,leveraged buyouts, restructuring and more. Structuring privatizations, limited recourse and non-recourse finance transactions Negotiating and documenting derivatives¬ driven structured financings, secured and guaranteed transactions and taxable and tax-exempt products
Asset Management Securitization and structured finance Financial and Regulatory Advice
With a great depth and breadth of expertise, we help clients achieve their goals through a wide array of strategies, in every major sector and asset class through various distribution channels. Advising f unds, sponsors, credit enhancers and investors in securitization of a variety of asset classes across multiple jurisdictions. Using our network to keep current on developments and advising on the practic al effects of inter national regulatory trends.
Global Custody Private Equity Bank Inst ruments and Securities
Advising global custodians and sub• custodians on issues of safe custody, clearance and settlement of trades, collection of income, and taxes in more than 100 countries, including advice under SEC Rules 17f-5 and 17f-7. Structuring and organizing new funds, structuring and executing institutional and management -led buyouts, public-to privates, follow-on acquisitions, IPOs and trade sales. Areas of expertise include traditional private equity, alter native asset f unds (e.g., real estate, infrastructure and oil & gas) and hedge funds We represent financial institutions and corporate entities in connection with the issuance of bonds, notes, commercial paper, and other capital market instr uments. We have deep knowledge in matters related to securities products, securities transfer law, compliance, and financial process
Bank Proof of Funds Loans and c redit facilities Credit Enhancement
Our bank proof of funds irrevocably confirms funds availability by S.W.l.F.T. or Key Tested Telex f rom a Major W orld Money Center Bank. Amounts between $10 Million and $500 Million USO are readily available Structuring cross-border f ac ilities, secured and unsecured, and trade-f inancing transactions We create and place highly structured credit enhancement and targeted risk capital products that provide efficient capital solutions for large investment projects. In each case, the str uctured product is tailor-made to efficiently mitigate risk and integrated into the overall project financial structure.
Joint Venture Venture Capital
We understand the design, negotiation and implementation of entity structures to accommodate multiple rounds of financing, equity incentives and, most importantly, significant growth. Because we understand the practices and expectations of the venture community, we are equally suited to guide companies planning for venture capital. Transactions range from early stage seed rounds through late stage venture rounds involving the issuance of preferred stock, convertible debt instruments, warrants, and secured and unsecured bridge debt involving the issuance of preferred stock, convertible debt instruments, warrants, and secured and unsecured bridge debt